At the Pinnacle Training Center our goal is simple: to minimize your pain and to maximize your profit. That’s why every single month we offer classes, courses, workshops and seminars that are all focused on solving your problems and addressing your greatest areas for growth. See examples from the listed topics below.


A great salesperson leads, guides and directs their client through the sale by focusing on their wants, needs, and hot-buttons. A properly trained sales professional influences the sale while enhancing or diminishing profitability!

Service Department

It’s been called the back-end of the dealership but it’s more like the backbone. A solid Service department, with great CSI and excellent sales processes allows you to properly serve your community and “sell the 2nd car”!


Sellchology is the science and art of selling through psychology. Founded by Jonathan Dawson, Sellchology courses and classes focus on building a business of Raving Fan Advocates by out-experiencing your competition.

Finance / F&I

Dollar for dollar and inch for inch, the Finance and Insurance department at a dealership is the most valuable area of opportunity in many dealerships. Maximizing the revenue while protecting the dealer and client is the priority!


They say people don’t leave jobs or pay-plans, they leave “managers”. We’ve all be lead and we’ve all been managed. Learn how to manage processes and to lead people. This is what separates you and allows you to leave an impact.

Personal Branding

Many a salesperson has failed in building a lasting relationship with their clients because they never learned how to differentiate themselves and become unforgettable and remarkable in the marketplace. We’ll show them how! 


Internet processes and work flow is critical for consistent and effective communication with clients. Whether you are sending videos, gifs, memes, or standard text emails. We will show you how to respond to internet leads! 


When it comes to lead management your team is not just managing the communication between your potential and past client, they are also managing the effectiveness of your ad spend, marketing message & client retention. 


Consider for a moment the amount of leads that never turn into sales because the call was mismanaged or never followed up on by your team. The phone is the gateway to added sales and revenue IF used correctly.

Dealer / Owner

Operating a dealership requires the ability to look through the lens of a telescope to see the future, and a microscope to examine the unseen risks or opportunities in your own organization. We can help you do both.

Pinnacle Mastermind Event

These events are exclusive (invite-only) events for The Pinnacle Society; an elite community of the top salespeople in the world. Members must average 25 sales a month, earn $150,000/yr or be in the Top 3 at their dealership to apply. 


Oh, the lost art of prospecting. How many salespeople just wish traffic would change, or that they’d get lucky and catch more quality opportunities? We will teach them how to generate their own leads, referrals and sales!

Digital Retailing

It’s not enough to put a widget on your website, or to add a chat-box to your VDP. Digital retailing is about creating high-value connections and conversations that lead to a trust-based appointment or sale.

Digital Marketing

The mobile device has become the new lot and chat, text and email have become new handshake. The dealer that is taking market-share through digital tools, SEO, and social platforms owns the future.  


Whether your want to develop your administrative staff to maximize your human capital or you want to better equip you comptrollers to effectively manage your financial capital, we are here to help.

Human Resources / HR

In a word – everything comes down to – People! Behind every widget, website, tool and technology you will find people. Behind every accomplishment or complaint, you will also find people. Let us help you maximize your people!

Receptionist / Greeter

Often the first and sometimes ONLY impression your clients get at your store is the greeter or receptionist. Whether it’s over the phone or in person the tonality, demeanor, and overall energy of this 1st impression often sets the stage.

Parts Department

Wholesaling and retailing parts under management is all about focusing on the details that matter now and proactively managing what you’ll need for later. Left undermanaged they can become a financial pit that leaks profit.

Train the Trainer

Creating a training culture at your store requires that your managers become effective at training, coaching and developing your team members. These courses will teach your team how to train their team.


There’s no getting around the reality and necessity of a solid SEO & SEM strategy for connecting with your target audience and communicating your message effectively to them. Managing and ultimately maximizing Search sells cars!

Security / IT

We live in a time where a keystroke or a clicked-on link can literally shut down your multi-million dollar operation and literally and figuratively hold you hostage. Learn how to protect your assets and data before it’s too late!

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